Mrs. Pitsa Binnion

Principal - McKinnon Secondary College

“Jesús Camacho-Morles came to the attention of McKinnon Secondary College as part of our involvement with the University of Melbourne Network of Schools (UMNOS) program. The introduction of his learning growth estimator measuring student growth gave our school invaluable data and understanding of individual and cohort student progress in NAPLAN and PAT testing. We subsequently engaged Jesus to look at our data to better help us identify each student’s point of need on the learning continuum. In this regard, he has been instrumental in developing interactive learning tools that support us as educations. Of particular benefit has been the student dashboard. which brings together key indicators of academic, emotional, and engagement progress.

Jesus has also helped each faculty develop meaningful rubrics which support assessment for learning. With his background working with such as luminaries as Professor John Hattie and Professor Patrick Griffin, Jesus has provided us with an invaluable link to cutting edge pedagogical research. Our association with Analytics for Schools has helped McKinnon Secondary College identify further learning opportunities for our students, and with his support and guidance, we are confident in our dedicated journey towards continuous improvement.”

Mrs. Susan Ogden

Principal - Dandenong High School

“A consummate professional, Jesús is a joy to work with. His deep commitment to educating school leaders and their teachers in the strategic use of data to improve teaching and learning is evident in all he does.

He is solution-focused, incredibly creative in his approach to challenges and makes even the most complex data sets accessible.
Jesús is a great communicator, incredibly knowledgeable in his field and approaches his work with energy and passion. He has become an essential partner in our school’s improvement journey.”

Mr. Sam Watkins

Assistant Principal - Manor Lakes P-12 College

The work of Jesús has provided us with clear representations of the levels of achievement of our students, visualized in a format that is highly informative and insightful. His expertise in data analysis and measurements of effort, emotion, and engagement enables us to intervene and support students at all levels of ability.

John Hattie

Professor - The University of Melbourne

This tool is not only easy to use, but it also has excellent graphics that help tell the story about impact.

Mrs. Susan Ogden

Principal - Dandenong High School

The student data dashboard developed by Analytics for Schools has been a “game-changer” for my staff and a powerful enabler of evidence-based practice. This user-friendly, one-stop platform, provides a snapshot of each learner that not only includes performance and learning growth data, but also critical engagement and well-being measures. Invaluable information that can be used by teachers, students, and parents.

Helene Hiotis

Principal - Bentleigh Secondary College

Analytics for Schools provides comprehensive support to school leaders to support teachers in analysing sets of data – attendance, NAPLAN, PAT GAT, chronicle entries and assessments – all in one central location. This has been the best investment in building teacher capability to improve student outcomes!