Consolidating general and educational data in individual student sites, for use by teachers, students, and parents

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of student dashboards are available for my school?

School and educational data has a hierarchical structure. Students (at the base of the hierarchy) are nested within classes or teachers on the tier above. Teachers, in turn, are nested within higher-level faculties, houses, departments. We usually start by designing student-level dashboards before progressing to class-level dashboards, then finally dashboards that gather information at a faculty lor school level. These details can be tailored to the meet the needs of individual schools.

What kind of information goes into the student dashboards?

We suggest that all learning-related data be included, such as learning growth estimates, assessment task results, test scores, attendance, progress reports, and grades.  We can also include additional data that you may want to make available to your teachers (e.g., well-being survey results).

How often are the dashboards updated?

Student Dashboards are updated on a fornightly basis, unless otherwise instructed. We could update it more frequently if required by the school and the data is available.

How secure is my data?

All our services are tools are delivered in compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles, and all details concerning the collection, use, and security of your data is clearly presented to you in our service agreement and privacy policy.