Analytics for Schools has been developing customised learning tools for schools since 2014 thus acquiring extensive knowledge in the latest data mining techniques, data visualisation and digital reporting.

We work with schools in Australia to:

Analyse Naplan, PAT, Allwell, and Ondemand results. Our reports include scores, stanines, learning growth estimates, item analysis and Guttman Charts. This evidence is critical to implement targeted teaching interventions that allow schools to support students at all levels of ability.

Design and develop interactive student dashboards that consolidate all the available student’s data in one central location and present it in consistent and accessible visual formats for all teachers to use.

Implement our product Maestro Assessment, formative assessment tool. Maestro Assessment allows to create digital formative assessment rubrics and to manage marking online.

With our tools and services teachers, subject coordinators and principals can work collaboratively sharing resources and insights that will benefit their work and students learning as a whole. Check our video below to find out more